What We Believe


The God whom we worship has known the weakness of our mortal flesh in Jesus Christ. He has lived life under the constraints of a world at odds with its Creator. He has endured the pain of loss to illness and death of those whom He has loved. He has suffered in our place the greatest agony the body can endure. He has died the inconceivable death of the Lord of life whose body hangs lifeless on a cross. He was laid in the grave even as we still commend the body to the ground, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. But, after three days, He was raised to life. He cannot die anymore or ever again. Death has no power over Him. The life He lives, He lives for us. We find our comfort in His incarnation, His holy life, His suffering and death, His resting in the tomb, and His rising to life again. He has been like us in every way except sin, so that we might be made like Him in life. In His resurrection is our hope to eternal life, where we live with our King forevermore.

Jesus is the center of what we teach and what we believe. For those who want more detail, here are two excellent summaries of what the bible teaches concerning the Christian faith to which our pastor subscribes without reservation: